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Hand Painted Pomegranate fitted Candle sticks


These delicate candlesticks by Yair Emanuel can be used for Shabbat as well as to add some romance to an evening get together.
The yin-yang shape is natural and fluid, making the candlesticks look beautiful nestled together or apart. The candlesticks are decorated with a gorgeous illustration of the seven species of Israel.
These candlesticks are hand-painted with vivid and harmonious color and then lacquered to ensure that they are waterproof and that they will last for many evenings to come.
These pieces contain a brass candle insert and are completely functional and waterproof.
These candlesticks are the perfect gift for Jewish holidays, Shabbat, weddings, and for the new home.
Sizes: 4in x 2.7in x 1.6in

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